I’m having a very challenging day today with migraines and tinnitus but it seems to be improving well. I used to get anxious by this but I don’t seem to have pressure on my head and no fever so just waiting it out, staying calm and taking paracetamol.

I’ve been in bed all day and it really hasn’t been much fun but usually the day after a long rest I can relax and try to do things sensibly. Using my phone with the brightness all the way down is always a challenge! I’ve been so much worse than this so I can take it. 
On a positive note I’m very excited about having been asked to talk at The Brain Tumour Charity Grantholder Day in Farnborough. Being involved with much needed positive change helps to provide some hope for the future. I just wish more people knew about how serious this is because I only like to go out when I’m having a good day. I’m thankful that I am able to have good days at all because many people in my situation can’t.