Fundraising for me, you, or the collective good?

I like the idea of having a Justgiving page so that you can see how much money is raised for a specific cause but there are a few things I question about fundraising: 1. Should I really need to do a ‘challenge’? I would prefer to fundraise by educating and provoking thought and discussion. I prefer to provide information and will make videos in the near future. I have nothing against people who do challenges but it should not be seen as a pre-requisite. The challenge for me personally is to influence thought and actions with words. It appears many people want something in return for their money to benefit themselves or they want to be some type of voyeur who can visibly see someone suffering. The more suffering someone is experiencing in the public eye the more they give. The achievement should be influencing positive change. It sounds boring but it’s true. I’m not a flashy, charismatic person but I speak my mind and I have strong opinions which I have thought about for a long time. I have many weaknesses but I would like to try and play to my strengths which I am aware may make me unpopular to some. 2. Do we really need celebrities and people in the public eye to influence people to give money? Again, I would like to try and do this by having the opportunity to speak and giving to causes where people know what the money is being used for. I actually find the power of celebrity quite disturbing. I will set up a text number because many people are inherently lazy.  3. For me fundraising should have the end goal of letting people know where money is going and specifically how people are going to benefit. I dislike how…

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