I apologise for the lack of posts recently, to be honest I had a lot of times where I was thinking very negatively and I wanted to wait until I was mentally in the right place to continue to post about my experiences. I also don’t think I’m that interesting most of the time but I hope it helps some people to read this. As you can see by my last post I had an ‘interesting’ partial seizure earlier and now I’m in bed feeling quite tired all of a sudden. Last week I went away with an amazing, inspiring group of other cancer patients in Bournemouth thanks to Youth Cancer Trust and it taught me a lot. I was also very lucky with the timing because I seemed to have more energy than usual. I’m guessing some of that may have been a change of scenery and the excitement of meeting others that were not only lovely people but also people I could really relate to. I miss them already but hope to see them again sooner rather than later.