I’ve just had the most horrendous migraine but it seems to be getting better now after 4 hours resting in a dark room. 

I seem to get all the ‘rare’ invisible side effects of meds and cancer treatment so the pain and discomfort is largely unseen. If people knew about my bad times I think they would be so shocked at how I can go for spells where I seem to be relatively ok with a smile on my face. 

Next time I’m out I’ll get the usual ‘you’re looking well’, and I’ll just smile and say thanks as I usually do. The reason I am so happy when I feel relatively good is because the bad times are and have been really bad. At this very moment I feel very happy because I’m relieved the pain is subsiding, it was terrifying. 

If you see me out you will know it’s a relatively good day because I simply don’t go out at all when it’s not. I get migraines often and my neurologist, oncologist, GP, and even the ENT specialist (it affects these areas too) say there isn’t much I can do about this. My last scan was stable and the blob of whatever it is only measured about 12mm so these migraines I’ve suffered with for a year and a half could be anything.