As you can see even my hospital bed was surprised that I couldn’t get an ‘urgent’ MRI scan until Tuesday at the earliest, even if I had suffered another brain haemorrhage! The doctor I saw in A & E added to ‘keep in mind it’s also the weekend and we don’t operate MRI equipment at weekends.’

I can have as many CT scans as I like though because they are much cheaper and the NHS is trying to cut costs. I won’t name the hospital because I could tell the staff were just as frustrated as I was by it all! Kind of regretting this post as I love the NHS! It’s a massive shame though and quite sad. 
Luckily I feel as though I can hang on until my routine MRI appointment on Wednesday. It will be my first scan at the brilliant Charing Cross Hospital. I’m actually looking forward to it in a bizarre way despite being anxious as a result of my recent symptoms.