Yesterday I finally had my MRI scan but it was different to the scans I usually have. I had an MRI spectroscopy scan which I think all brain tumour patients should have the option of having. I’m exhausted now and feel quite depressed as I keep getting dizzy spells and migraines so I’ll be lazy and share this information about MRS. It is from Wikipedia BUT I have checked it thoroughly for accuracy. It’s surprisingly quite a good description. They don’t do MRS at The Royal Marsden which is one of the main reasons I moved my treatment to Charing Cross. 

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), also known as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, is a non-invasive, ionizing radiation free analytical technique that has been used to study metabolic changes in brain tumors, strokes, seizure disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and other diseases affecting the brain. It has also been used to study the metabolism of other organs such as muscles. In the case of muscles, NMR is used to measure the intramyocellular lipid content (IMCL).