I’m working on a cook book with my favourite ketogenic recipes to help others. 

Next week I will be making this low carb bread (4.3g carbs per bun, no grains) and I will be adding my Japanese MCT powder solution to it to see how it bakes. I enjoy experimenting with foods and trying new things. 

This experiment should be interesting, I’ve been doing more research on the Maillard reaction (I didn’t know much about it before, but it’s a baking thing!) to see how the MCT powder might react to baking and I think it will be ok. The Japanese manufacturers of the powder suggest that it should be ok but I’m not sure about the UK equivalent (I will compare in January out of interest! I am also wary of going crazy will ground almonds so I’m going to experiment with alternatives, have a play to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ll do this all after Christmas which I’m finally getting excited about!