I’m feeling very tired today after being very active recently (relatively speaking). It’s been a funny yet welcome feeling this past few weeks being virtually free of migraines and having significantly reduced seizure activity.

I’ve reached my blood ketone and blood glucose goals now and my levels consistently hover around these figures below which is very satisfying. 

The most satisfying thing about it for me is that I know there are improvements I can still make. I’m ready to really push on with this by getting much better sleep, making my own shower gells, hand soap, toothpaste, and shampoo, and monitoring exercise more effectively. I already use a natural toothpaste but I can improve it.
I’m really enjoying experimenting with this diet more now, it used to be a chore because I needed to realise how to make it work for me as an individual. Now that I have I really enjoy it. The picture below is you, me, and everyone.
The biggest mistakes I made when I started the ketogenic diet was eating double cream, dark chocolate, and nuts which are huge migraine triggers for me. Nutritionally I don’t think they offer much anyway, apart from small amounts of walnuts occasionally (they offer a more favourable omega 3,6 ratio compared to other nuts). As soon as I removed these foods from my diet the migraines disappeared. 
I’m really enjoying the book ‘The Omega-3 Effect’ at the moment. It has a lot of science that is explained in simple terms as you can see. I love the cartoons! 

I’m still frustrated by the long spells of fatigue I experience and how random they are but as I have said before the good times are more frequent and much better than they used to be. I make the small amounts of activity I do look easy but it is far from it and at times it feels very dangerous. I’m trying my very best every minute of every day and listening to my brain and symptoms. 
The symptoms I still get can be very worrying and scary and even the best diet in the world can’t control them unfortunately. The hope is that healing happens over time to make it more manageable. 🙂
Finally, I’m still waiting on a few responses regarding my campaign to improve nutritional support for brain cancer patients so if I don’t hear anything by the end of this week I’ll have to do some more prodding! I’m still confident about this. Initial responses were somewhat encouraging but I can’t talk about it yet unfortunately. Hopefully soon!