This week I’ve felt fantastic and in many ways I actually feel much healthier than before my cancer diagnosis which is great! My energy levels have increased dramatically and yesterday I was very excited because I had lots of energy. It was also fantastic progress to start resistance training which I couldn’t do before. 🙂

I feel as though every day I’m feeling stronger and more alert and I’m very confident about continuing to reduce this medication. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to do all the things I thought I wouldn’t be able to do again.
Yesterday I was invited by The Brain Tumour Charity to watch the premiere of ‘Surviving Terminal Cancer’ in London at BFI Southbank. It was very encouraging to see and hear from long term survivors of the most deadly types of brain cancer and it helped to reaffirm things that I am doing currently to keep this tumour at bay. It was an overwhelming experience (in a good way mostly!) but it’s hard to just write a short synopsis on what I thought because my thoughts are quite complicated.
I’m incredibly thankful that The Brain Tumour Charity helped to set up this event and for all the people who were behind the making of the film. I hope to share it with others when it becomes available online. 
It must also not be forgotten that Brain Tumour Research are making great strides forward in their work with colleagues in America to advance metabolic therapy and improved surgical techniques in this country in order to improve outcomes. I hope and will try to make sure that BTR will also be able to see this thought provoking, cleverly produced film.