I feel terrible writing this after hearing desperately sad news yesterday about a friend but today I have felt phenomenally good, better than even before I had cancer at times. I hope this isn’t a one off and I hope this post doesn’t upset anyone else with a BT. Maybe it can give some people hope and encourage them to keep persevering by taking control.
My mind suddenly feels very sharp, my speed of thought has dramatically improved and I feel more alert, being able to maintain concentration and sustain greater clarity of thought throughout the day. I have also been fairly active physically as well as mentally. 
This improvement has coincided with a few alterations I made to my diet recently, I didn’t expect this kind of dramatic response if I’m honest. I was drowning in a sea of despair for so long thinking I would never get my life back due to these invisible disabilities but I’m starting to feel more and more like the old me again. I hope I’m not tempting fate but if this carries on I will see it as a huge step forward.