Exercise and brain cancer is a very complex subject that I would like to revisit later. I am able to function fairly well now but it was a very long journey with many uncertainties. Walking up and down the hall at home used to be strenuous exercise for me not long ago and stairs was a nightmare. I still can’t believe what I can do now. I continue to be wary of tumour recurrence after being informed by my oncologist it would probably be ‘sudden, unexpected, and will likely leave me with right sided paralysis because of where the tumour was located’ but that is why I’m trying all I can to keep it away! I seem to be doing alright so far, let’s hope that continues. 

Ketosis has become an exciting journey and I love how it alleviates and manages a lot of my symptoms when I get it right but exercise can be a challenge (trying to maintain ‘therapeutic ketosis for cancer management). This morning I decided to do a little experiment (my meds often send me into a deep sleep and I wake up ridiculously early)…

So here it is, my workout experiment this morning- I performed a series of slow to medium tempo, perfect form, wide grip pull-ups and filmed it. I made sure go all the way up and all the way down following very strict form from a hanging position, my feet never touch the ground. I managed to stabilise blood glucose and ketones throughout the exercise session and pushed myself with the aim of increasing strength long term. Recovery time between sets was 5minutes over 10 sets of 5 repetitions.

Cancer patients are advised not to push themselves with exercise because it usually increases blood glucose and reduces blood ketones which I have found to be very true in the past so I wanted to find a way of increasing strength over time while I continue to show noticeable improvements in my general health. I do my exercise very early in the morning before I take my epilepsy medication (levetiracetam-generic Keppra) because I have no side effects at this time. Otherwise this exercise would be virtually impossible, that is how bebilitating these drugs can be, even at small doses. 

I am very light weight and these drugs really affect me personally, when I was on a cocktail of these drugs at high doses I couldn’t even walk in a straight line and really suffered to function. It is remarkable how much I have improved since being on strict keto. I’m hoping to switch back to Keppra next week as the branded form doesn’t affect me as badly as the generic type. That will be interesting to see. My drugs were switched without my permission because they are cheaper and the NHS is trying to reduce costs but apparently they are not allowed to do this so I have an appointment with my GP later today to discuss this. I find that if I have a high fat meal with my medication the side effects are dramatically reduced, early on I experimented this theory by increasing carbs first, then protein, and fat was definitely the big difference. Obvious to me now but this was nearly a year ago!

Below are stills from the video I made this morning. it’s pretty boring to watch as it’s so long but if you wish to watch it to prove this isn’t fake I would be happy to send it to you! I might put it on YouTube as a sleeping aid.