I’m working on a lot of things at the moment and felt like it was time for an update, otherwise it would have never been done!

Recently I have done a number of interviews online which have been great for getting the message across about the potential of the ketogenic diet to manage cancer. Please note that I am very careful with my wording and that I would always say ‘manage’, never cure, even though cure is always the aim. I believe that I will need to be on this diet for the rest of my life to maintain this status quo within my body and brain to keep the cancer in ‘complete remission’ indefinitely.

Here are some some things I have been working on recently:

1. My website, in which I aim to raise awareness about metabolic therapy and share research. This will have a lot of information soon!


2. My book ‘Taking Control’, which I am working on currently.

The book will detail my story my individual cancer story from diagnosis to the day I complete writing. I will discuss the current research on metabolic therapy as a management strategy for brain cancer.

I have realised recently that writing a good book with substance is actually quite challenging but I am determined to make it engaging, intelligent, and readable. I would like the majority of the profits from the book to go towards research into metabolic therapy. I am already working hard to make this happen.

3. I have done a few interviews recently which can be found here:




4. I have a new supplement which I have found incredibly useful- Ketoforce. I take it twice a day now as a replacement for my epilepsy medication. It also allows me to maintain therapeutic ketosis and keep blood glucose low so that I can do more exercise and eat a little bit more protein which is very nice! I’ve been struggling to put weight on for a while now. I feel great but its just a superficial thing mainly. I’ve never been someone who is overly concerned with what I look like, its simply a confidence issue and slight insecurity.

5. I have a girlfriend now and she makes me very happy. This is a very big thing for me and something I thought a lot about even though it all happened relatively quickly. She’s lovely and I’m so thankful that she is in my life. I would love to do something special for her soon because she has been so supportive of me in so many ways. I’ll think of something good. 🙂

6. I have attended some meetings of the brain tumour support group at the Maggie’s Centre by Charing Cross Hospital. I enjoyed this very much even though at times it was very emotional. I wish I had known about this place 2 years ago as I had very little support when I actually had disabilities and felt depressed. There was a very keen interest in the ketogenic diet when I mentioned it after sharing my personal story which was great to see.

7. I’m still waiting on a few things, but in the meantime I will stop being lazy and update this blog more often!

I’ve started going to an outdoor gym 3 times a week with my girlfriend as it has been fairly warm recently. I’m hoping the increase in protein will help me to put on a bit more weight. I have often been hesitant to do this because  attempting this without the Ketoforce supplement caused me to have some facial twitching. I still find it remarkable how stable bg and high ketones keep all my symptoms in check so brilliantly.  In the past week or so I have had days where I feel incredibly energetic and mentally very sharp. Its a tremendous feeling and while I still have some problems associated with any kind of acquired brain injury, I’m enjoying moving and thinking at a pace akin to how I used to live. I feel at though the old me is coming back and I desperately need to help others improve at the very least their quality of life.

I have managed to achieve brilliant control of all my symptoms effortlessly while maintaining impressive bg and bk readings throughout the day in the last few weeks  specifically which is very pleasing. I know that the ketogenic diet in itself is not the be all and end all for cancer management so I am constantly striving to improve it and to find other methods of metabolic therapy that can have a synergistic benefit with a restricted ketogenic diet.

This book and all of the research and hospital visits to help others is mentally exhausting, hence the title of this blog, but it is incredibly rewarding. I do need a break, but that will come. Thank you very much for reading and for all your support whoever is reading this!