Slightly nervous about tomorrow.

I will be meeting with Dr.Wai Liu at St Georges University Hospital in the morning to discuss funding specific clinical trials into cannabis oil + a restrictive ketogenic diet for patients with glioblastoma brain tumours. It is all looking fairly promising from the correspondence I have had over the last few weeks. I find his work over the past decade very impressive and encouraging.

Moving forward, this research is incredibly important for countless individuals with terminal, incurable cancer of all types however there is a growing need for more data as we progress. Recent amendments to the Psychoactive Substances Bill will allow for greater freedom for more specialised research into cannabinoids for cancer management so I believe we must strike while the iron is hot as there is currently a heightened sense of awareness for the great potential of Dr. Liu’s work.

I feel a huge sense of responsibility for a lot of people, including families who are still grieving, hoping others don’t have to go through such unimaginable loss, and for others who are still fighting to manage ‘incurable’ cancer indefinitely. I have experienced loss, however I have also seen many remarkable things and met some truly extraordinary individuals.