I have written a piece for Willow Foundation which will likely be in the Arsenal match day programme for the Manchester City game on the 21st. My interview about my special day will also be appearing on the big screen before the match but this isn’t about me at all now. If I felt that I would seriously need a personality transplant. I feel incredibly fortunate at this moment despite continued uncertainty. The least I can do is express what a fantastic charity this is for so many. 

They work tirelessly to provide individuals with life limiting illnesses special days with their loved ones. I have had friends with the same type of cancer as me pass away recently but the small consolation is that their families have special memories with them from special days provided by Willow. The positive impact of these days is immeasurable for these people. Its a wonderful distraction in dark times where you can smile through uncertain times. If you know anyone in this situation or if you can support the charity in any way why not check them out?