Preparation for HBOT. No exogenous ketones required. Ketones need to be high and blood glucose low during treatment. 90% fat, 10% protein to have the most benefit in order to obliterate any microscopic cancer cells that might be left. I don’t always maintain this kind of reading but I have learned to time it for when I need to. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for cancer management requires this kind of restriction, I definitely won’t want to maintain this after for long even though I feel good at the moment.

Professor Thomas Seyfried has informed me that: 
It will be very important that your GKI is 1.0 or below when you receive HBOT (our GKI paper is attached).  Our preclinical data on GBM show that oxygen therapy can increase tumor growth except when ketones are high and glucose is low.  Use HBOT only at the time of day when your blood ketone levels are highest and you glucose is lowest.  You will need to determine time this for yourself. I think this will be the most important consideration.’ 

Here is the paper… 

Interestingly he also gave insight into some of my burning questions regarding exogenous ketones, DHA, and curcumin. He has stated…
‘Your liver will produce D-b-hydroxybutyrate from the fats in the KD.  If you take exogenous ketones, it is best if they also contain D-b-hydroxybutyrate.  Some exogenous ketone preparations contain both the D- and the L- forms of b-hydroxybutyrate.  According to Richard Veech, The L- form will not be as therapeutic as the D- form.  However, exogenous ketones can help lower blood glucose that is important.  I have not yet evaluated the effects of exogenous ketones in or preclinical model of GBM.  The therapeutic effect of treatments can sometimes be different in the brain environment than outside the brain.
I am not sure what to say about combining DHA with HBOT while under the calorie restricted KD.  We are actually doing these experiments now in our preclinical model of GBM.  We think this combination will be effective, but we need to examine the data first before I can make any firm recommendations.  There are dosage and timing issues that need to be evaluated.  I think a low dosage of DHA while in ketoses might be helpful when under HBOT.  I am not sure what to say about curcumin, as we have not tested this.
We are also working on a new drug/KD combination that might be the most effective therapy yet for managing GBM.  Unfortunately, progress is slow due to limited funding.  I am convinced that long-term non-toxic management of GBM will be better when using metabolic therapies that when using current standards of care.  However, we are still at an early stage of development in this new frontier of GBM therapy.  You are one of the pioneers.’
I learned a lot from this and I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing his wisdom. I greatly appreciate his work and admire his compassion.
Here is my food diary today, I made a few changes. The coconut flour is a different brand but nutritionally this isn’t far off what today has been like so far: 
For breakfast I had ghee in a big bottle of hot water, sipping this over 1 hour. 
After this I had breakfast which was actually mackerel in olive oil but nutritionally all I could find that was similar is tinned sardines in oil (I did check though, the nutritional info would be almost exactly the same!) 
Then early afternoon I had 2 eggs with 50g ghee mixed with coconut flour in the oven for 10 minutes. I added coconut flour back in recently as well as the olive oil because these ingredients no longer give me headaches as my brain has healed. 

Here is the now infamous article on a combination of the ketogenic diet, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and ketone esters as a potent synergistic protocol to manage metastatic cancer in rodents. 
And here is a dog with cancer following a ketogenic diet at the Ketopet Sanctuary being treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He seems happy. 

Ketopet diet:

This brilliant work is being put into practice by Quest Nutrition who are getting very encouraging results. The main problem when we try to translate this strict approach to humans is compliance. I am trying to lead the simple life of a dog and moving forward this includes sleep regulation and less exposure to artificial light.