Very short notice but as part of my 3 year Cancerversary celebrations and to celebrate my last scan showing no disease and further improvement of scar tissue on MR spectroscopy I will be doing an abseil down the iconic Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth in aid of Brain Tumour Research. I am incredibly passionate about the work they do and 100% of the money received by the charity goes directly into vital research. I have over 1,000 friends on Facebook, if everybody gives just £1 Brain Tumour Research will receive £1,000. I also nearly have 50,000 viewers of this blog which blows my mind but also thinks I can make a real difference to getting this promising research out there so it can eventually replace the standard treatment for brain cancer in time. This is what I firmly believe.

I guarantee that no money will be wasted and it is for a worthwhile cause. In addition I will be organising my own events to raise funds and celebrate my 3 year Cancerversary over the next few weeks in various locations.

It has been 3 years since my diagnosis. They couldn’t remove the whole tumour but I have recently achieved my most promising scan yet showing no disease on MR Spectroscopy.

It is also worth noting that many other cancers become terminal once they spread to the brain so this work is of great importance to how we treat all cancers to improve prognosis and in future find a cure. We need money to fund clinical trials for these non toxic approaches that show so much promise so that patients don’t have to use themselves as human guinea pigs without knowing what they are doing.

Please give what you can, I’ll try not to kill myself leaping off the edge of the Spinnaker Tower. 😉

The iconic Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth