It was challenging but well worth it. Thank you so much for all of your support and donations, I’m in awe of how much has been raised in such a short space of time. This money will go directly into research and if you would like more specific details I’m sure Brain Tumour Research would be more than happy to explain where the money is going. 

This is no ordinary cancer charity, they are quickly becoming like a family to me in how they are supporting both me as an individual and my metabolic approach to my individual situation. The work they are doing makes me so excited about the future because I believe that this way of treating cancer is the future and should be the present.

I know they are working very hard to make this a reality as soon as possible so I found my experience today incredibly satisfying with that in mind despite my fear of heights. It personified my journey in a way, a mini triumph over adversity and tough challenges, but there is a long way to go (its not just about me) and people who support me have played a huge part in that journey. Thank you once again, the support is overwhelming and I am incredibly grateful. I know the many patients and their families who are currently suffering from this disease or who have had loved ones taken away too soon will also be thankful. I believe we are taking steps closer to making this a thing of the past and for changing how we treat not only brain cancer but all cancers.