BNOS Conference 2016- My thoughts on Day 1

Yesterday I awoke bright and early, on my way to the University of Leeds for the British Neuro Oncology Society’s (BNOS) annual conference. This particular conference is titled; ‘Trials, Technologies and T Cells.’ I will be attending for the duration, 3 days, whereby I will hear from a number of influential speakers in the field. I feel I am in a fortunate position to be able to peer beyond that no so transparent screen between the patient and scientist understanding and experience of this disease. Bridging that gap and relaying important information and experiences to and from both sides is of great importance to me. I feel a great sense of responsibility to represent these patients as best I can and vice versa.  I had been looking forward to seeing some of the latest research developments, particularly relating to recent developments in immunotherapy, novel new imaging techniques, and also the latest research from Imperial College London (with whom I am travelling) on the ketogenic diet studied in vitro using ketone esters. I will be in their research lab very soon to test some of my own theories barring any possible restrictions I may encounter. The main objective of BNOS is to ‘promote research and education in Neuro-Oncology and to improve treatment of patients with tumours of the central nervous system.’ I was very much looking forward to hearing presentations from speakers coming to Leeds from around the world. The conference themes are: – Genomics – Glioma Biology – Imaging Radiotherapy and Surgical Technologies – Immunotherapy – Novel Technologies – Brain Metastases – Clinical Studies I will try to update as much as I can through my blog and social media as the conference progresses with new information I take in along with my thoughts. I had been especially interested in…

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