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August 2016


Mornings are fun.

Despite exercise being a seizure trigger I enjoy my morning walks. Its at a pace which doesn't overstimulate my brain and I find it very calming. Walking allows me to reflect and to enjoy natural beauty. We have so many beautiful green spaces in this country and its a beautiful, sunny day today. The shorts will be on later and I'll do some sunbathing to top up the vitamin D. :) Continue reading

Aspirin for brain cancer. Evaluating efficacy

Some new videos on my Youtube channel evaluating the efficacy of different forms and doses of aspirin for brain cancer management and as a potential anticonvulsant: I'm trying to get used to recording presentations using my computer. I'm not sure how to edit videos yet without hassle but I tried my best here. I hope people find this interesting, there are 3 videos in the series.   Aspirin for brain cancer- part 1 Aspirin for brain cancer- part 2 Aspirin for brain cancer- part 3 Continue reading